He then contributed to the implementation by supporting us in the hiring process for our new marketing executive in charge of ebusiness. He then followed up on the ongoing actions, challenging us in the process.

Looking back it’s clear that had we done it our way, we wouldn’t have gotten the strategy right and the future direction of the business would have been a real question mark.

Why did you picked up Philippe Back?

I met with Philippe during a talk he was giving at Cercle de Wallonie. It looked like he could help us with our strategy.

What does he do that is superior to other consultants you have worked with before?

Philippe has business acumen and a pragmatic approach to things. Above all, he focused on what was in our best interest and not on empty theories and fluff. I was able to relate to him as a business person and not as yet another consultant. He delivered on the promise.

If you are serious about getting a clear strategy formulated and implemented that will help you get ahead of the pack, I recommend you get in touch with him and see if he has any open slots for you.

Robert Eyben
CE+T Power SA