How cool would it be to remember that gazillion of things you have to handle on a daily basis?

... and communicate with ease with your colleagues, clients, and suppliers!


Mind Mapping is a good approach to deal with these things. Its visual appeal triggers quite an interest in the recipients, while at the same time supporting your tought structuring process.

I am now fed up of sub standard products, open source or otherwise when it comes to mind mapping. I want a tool that is able to follow my “speed of thought”, help me reorganize them fast, can balance my map with ease and that I can use to present the results in a top notch manner.

Like you may have done, I’ve tried open source versions, web based versions, and so on. But I am dragged back to Mind Manager every time. Why? Because it does what I want it to do. Get to my outcome fast! Stop bugging me with horrid graphics, bad color schemes, and tricky plans. While I am in the train or in a plane, I do not want to use that web-based thing. Same if I am in an hotel room or in the lobby of a company. Connectivity usually sucks at the worst moment. Just try mind mapping at a conference with thousands of attendees rushing to get a (usually failing) network connection!

Not so with MindJet’s Mind Manager.

This is ))MindMapping(( the way it must be. No more, no less. I am a convinced user, and make yourself a favor: if you need a tool that works, pick that one!