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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Success

Socius.be is a collaborative/knowledge management platform.

I helped fine tune it.

Hugo Callens is my client at Socius.

Read his answers to several questions on Tiki itself and on his collaboration with me.

Keys of successful implementation

Philippe has done a very great job as Methodology coach at Steria Benelux SA/NV. He does not only know many different Development Methodologies (UP, UML, Requirement Management, …), but his drive and enthusiasm in his courses combined with on the field coaching are the keys of successful implementation. It’s a real pleasure working with him!

Henk Vandendooren, System Integration Business Unit Manager, Steria Benelux SA

Technical expert with human vision in projects

Philippe is a very high potential person. Open-minded person, he likes to continue to develop his competences in people management and technicals skills. He is also very interested by the usability engineering lifecycle. With Philippe you have got a technical expert with human vision in projects.

Jean Philippe Diels, Usability Architect, Icon Medialab

Helpful in acquiring new development approaches fast

Philippe is a big professional specialized in new technologies. He has helped Steria to acquire rapidily and efficiently new development approaches based on UML, RUP and java technologies. All the missions he has lead for Steria was a great success !

Jean-Marc Canon, Enterprise Architect, Steria SA/NV

Methodology specialist

Philippe and I worked very closely together on a very touchy Java international project. He is a great methodology Specialist and Project Manager. I really enjoyed to work with Philippe and I hope to work again with him in the future.

Giorgio Imperiali, Software Engineer, Sopra Group

Unique courses

I have had the opportunity to attend design and UML training courses taught by Philippe. Philippe’s courses are unique given their high standard, quality and content. They provide this great balance between theory and practice and this in a clear manner. Having taught courses myself for several years I would say that anyone would benefit immensely from his courses and from Philippe’s teaching skills. As I have worked alongside Philippe, I know that his teaching skills are not his only asset. I have been really impressed by his professionalism and high quality standards. Philippe is a very talented and invaluable architect and designer. He has this rare quality of being able to both summarise difficult concepts well and drill-down into the fine-grained and intricate details when considering a system and the interaction of the components. I would finally add that Philippe also has great and wide technical knowledge and practical experience ranging from J2EE to tcl/tk.

Xavier Renard, Software Engineer, Steria

Excellent job

Philippe was our methodology coach and trainer for more than two years. He did an excellent job in a demanding environment. His interventions and his attitude to get the job done were much appreciated.

Marc Berghmans, Project Manager, VIS Project, Steria Benelux SA

Uncanny ability to translate this deep understanding into terms that anyone can understand

Philippe is a very smart and talented guy. He thoroughly understands business, technology and methodology and has an uncanny ability to translate this deep understanding into terms that anyone can understand, which makes him a great consultant/teacher. I would love to work with Philippe again.

Francois Liger, Chief Project Management Officer, Icon Medialab - now LBi

Trustworthy and knowledgeable

Philippe is a trustworthy and knowledgeable consultant. He helped us a lot in teasing out our requirements and the best ways to deal with them. His advice on software quality was instrumental to our achievements. He also knows some seriously good restaurants.

Steven Devijver, Software development manager, Steria Benelux Sa/Nv

Contribution to success

Philippe has been very successful as a methodolgist and contributed significantly to the success of the Project. I had the chance to learn a lot from his coaching.

Stephan Aebi, Senior Project Manger, Steria Benelux SA

Concrete final result

Philippe is one the best IT consultants I ever met, trained in listening skills and abstraction analysis for a perfect and concrete final result.

Jean-Marc Petit, CEO, Metachannel SA


Philippe has a great experience in software analysis and methodology through many various real application coaching, high level courses in different domains and application development.

Michael Anderlin, Managing Director, ITLab

All-round consultant

Philippe is an utterly skilled, all-round IT consultant. He demonstrates proficiency in development, architecture, methodology, analysis, testing and so forth. His versatility allow him to participate in all activities on the project. On top of his skills, Philippe is focused on results and meets tight deadlines. His curiousity and eager to learn allow him to keep in touch with market tendencies and new technologies.

Stephan Huez, Lead Architect, Steria Benelux SA

Enlarge your line of sight

The course that I followed (UML) was well formatted and given as a pro, it gave in total an extended view of the concept of UML and more. It gave us the opportunity to enlarge our line of sight in the aspect of modeling existing systems.

Joeri De Kegel, Java Developer and Analyst, Steria Benelux

Ability to apprehend and analyze entangled client situations

I have been recommended to hire Philippe for a complex assignment: I must admit that I am extremely pleased with the outcome: Philippe is a great IT architect and Business consultant. He has the ability to apprehend and analyze entangled client situations, relate business issues to complex IT in fixing the priorities, understand organizational matters, and duly report issues on time. It has been a pleasure working with Philippe.

Jean Louis Van Houwe, Partner, Computer Sciences Corporation SA

Persistence to improve and ability to communicate

Philippe has been a key to many successful deliveries of the EB2’s booking engine to Brussels Airlines. His persistence to improve and his ability to communicate helped the partnership to achieve both organisations’ KPI’s.

Alex Almeda, Release and QA Manager, EB2 International

An outstanding asset for any organization

Philippe is an outstanding asset for any organization. His get-it-done attitude and deep understanding of organisational issues have helped me greatly in getting complex eBusiness Stabilization projects done. I would work with Philippe any time at any project available. I can highly recommend him.

Jacques Nathan, Lead Architect, Brussels Airlines SA

Phenomenal ability to research and develop a technical solution

Philippe ability to research and develop a technical solution to suit can only be described as phenomenal. He is able to provide clarity to any situation to ensure the team don’t loose sight of the goal. Philippe is extremely dedicated, loyal and will not rest until a solution has been found.

Keith Hyams, General Manager (EMEA), EB2 International

Great UML coach

Philippe has a great experience in software analysis and methodology. He can help you to start implementing UML. Good experience on Architecture and methodology. Great coach, makes himself understandable even for non-experienced persons. (Combined with his knowledge, this makes him such a great coach).

Luc Mertens, Senior Analyst, Steria Benelux SA

Change Bringer

Great and rare Professional. Visionary and able to communicate it . Highly skilled, in a large number of fields. Change bringer.

Luc Taesch, Business Analyst, Financial Company

Improving software engineering practices

Philippe did excellent work on the improvement of the existing software engineering processes and the coaching on several teams.

Guido Segerink, AXA Belgium SA

Ability to coach/drive colleagues on the learning path

In the context of engineering disciplines development and deployment, Philippe brought added value thanks to his expertise on the subject and to his ability to coach/drive colleagues on the learning path.

Fabio Smacchia, AXA Belgium SA

Has brains

I discovered Philippe when he was at Belgacom. In some words: a “little bit more” intelligent then the others, a big faculty in understanding technologies easily, a strong personality and a winner.

Stefano Mazzinghi, IT Team Manager, Belgacom

Ability to work under pressure and with a very tight deadline

Philippe is a smart person, always finding new ideas to solve critical problems. He has a good ability to work under pressure and with a very tight deadline. I appreciated Philippe’s availability and competence.

Laurent Frisee, Owner, BFL Solutions SPRL

Achieving a lot in a limited amount of time

I had the pleasure to work with Philippe for the government on a methodology project. He is a brilliant IT professional and entrepreneur who can achieve a lot in a limited amount of time.

John Rizzo, Owner, JavaBlackBelt.com (& Loop Factory)

A key element in many aspects of the project

Philippe is a good communicator and a very nice person. During the time we worked together for a big european project, Philippe was a key element in many aspects of the project, from project management to implementation solutions. Due to his high empathy, he can adapt himself with all the interlocutors he meets.

Dimitri DROCHMANS, Technical Analyst, Steria Benelux SA

Getting things done

Philippe is a very professional guy who tries to go directly to the point in any domain with a high maturity and efficiency. He has a very high result orientation mindset.

Eric Haeck,
IT Domain Manager, BELGACOM

Agile for real

Philippe is well respected within the Agile community. He regularly and generously shares his insights about effective software development practices with others and several times I have gained new perspectives from him which I’ve woven into my own practice.

Scott Ambler,
Practice Leader Agile Development in IBM’s Methods Group, IBM

Making things happen

Rigor, involvement, enthusiasm, versatility are Philippe’s qualities I really appreciate. I regularly work with Philippe since 2004, and I am still impressed by the extent of his knowledge. If you are looking for advices about architecture, software engineering or IT methodologies be sure that this person is the good one.

Thierry Vanden Broeck, PMP,
Center of Excellence Head, Atos Origin Belux SA

Problem solving made real

Describing in detail the technical skills of Philippe would be too long. I would prefer to highlight his ability to solve critical problems rapidly, with a very high quality and, even more important, his capacity to teach people afterwards, bringing them to a higher level. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Philippe Bracke,
Center of Excellence, Atos Origin Belux SA

Quality meets capacity

Philippe is characterized by a very high attention to quality and a great capacity to achieve. He is well educated on technical aspects as well as on project management aspects.

Michel Stassin,
Head of Sales, Steria Benelux SA

To the point trainings

I had the occasion to follow an Enterprise Architect training given by Philippe and it’s remarkable how much information he can pass in such a short amount of time. The training was well structured, to the point and he was able to answer all our questions instantly. He’s a specialist of Enterprise Architect who’s able to share his knowledge about the application in a comprehensible way.

Helwig Vanden Elschen,
Lead Analyst, Touring SA

Expertise you can trust

Philippe has represented our Company on several assignments where his UML expertise was required. He helped our clients improve their work organisation and shared his knowledge with the client’s employees. He has been a partner for Steria Benelux for many years, with several success stories at our clients.

Murielle Daelen,
Head of HR, Steria Benelux SA

Bridging Business and IT

Philippe has been a great and necessary asset to Brussels Airlines when contributing to review its online platform’s stability and release management. Thanks to fast analytic vision and team work capabilities, paying as much attention to IT and Business best practices, Philippe contributed to propose and implement clear action improvements that prooved to be succesful on a day-to-day and a long term basis. I do not believe we would have achieved such tangible results without his contribution to the project and it has been by far the most constructive and collaborative experience I have had so far with an IT consultant, being rather a Business-driven profile myself.

Audrey Benoit,
Head of eBusiness, Brussels Airlines

Software Process Excellence

With Philippe’s year’s of experience in the software industry he can really provide the customers with highly valuable services with excellent results. Philippe has got the unique combination deep technical knowledge and smart business skills. Philippe has got great social skills and is very enjoyable to work with.

Pernilla Ramslöv,
European VP of Business Development,
IvarJacobson Consulting

Helping launch a great Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware site

Socius.be v2.0 is out. And there is Tiki magic behind it.

“Philippe has helped us a lot in finetuning our Tiki based website/knowledge platform.

Always willing to explain things and going on until a solution is found, even if it takes hours of Skyping...”

As a special addition, the site features an event registration system along with email confirmation.
Hugo Callens — Socius

AIHE members get a pragmatic and stimulating talk

Image An antique gold lock

Cher Monsieur Back,

Au nom de l’AIHE et de ses nombreux industriels membres présents, je tiens à vous remercier pour l’exposé que vous avez assuré ce vendredi à l’Université de Liège.

En l’intitulant “Comment ne plus être un secret bien gardé en manifestant ses talents” vous touchiez juste.

Outsourcing success for BOIC

I took over an ailing project and put it back on track for the Belgian Olympic International Committee.

Great results. No fuss. No time lost in endless meetings. A system that works.

Here is what the client says:


1) What did you like most about the service?

Good and efficient follow-up!

2) What were your perceptions before we started?

The context was not a bright one at the start.

We did not know High Octane at all.

ATOS suggested to work with High Octane to realise a basic move of our database from Acces 1997 to Access 2007 as our initial Database-project failed completely…

I also had some thoughts about the platform used : nearly no meetings, only internet platform as communication platform.

3) How has that perception changed?

Although the few meetings, de follow-up via the internet system was quite efficient. Of course there were no discussions needed as the application did not change at all, except for the security solution which was discussed extensively.

4) What are the three biggest benefits?

The move has been successful. The application works as it should.
The interaction with the team was good and efficient.

5) Would you recommend our service?

Yes : for realising the same kind of job.

6) Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The security solution took some time, is not the most elegant option but is certainly acceptable considering costs/work involved.

Els Mertens
BOIC - Communication

Helping CE+T with Strategy Formulation and Implementation


How has Philippe Back improved your condition?

Philippe has helped us with the formulation of CE+T’s strategy. He worked with me and the executive committee, and helped in crystallizing the vision. He then provided valuable insights and clear tactics on how to implement the strategy. He showed us how things worked in practice with to the point examples rooted in our market.

He has made both the big picture and the specific next steps crystal clear.



Je sous-signé Michel De paepe, atteste avoir travaillé avec Philippe Back sur un projet Belgacom appelé Bill Viewer.
Cette application fonctionnant sur le Web permet aux clients Belgacom d’accéder des services liés à la facturation comme visualisation de la facture, visualisation des appels, demande de ré-envois…
Durant ce projet, Philippe Back a demontré une grande compétence technique dans tout ce qui touche aux technologies Web. Son jusqu’au boutisme pour ce qui concerne la qualité en fait également une personne très fiable.

Michel De Paepe
CSC Program Director

Web site expertise


I hereby would like to recommend Philippe Back as project manager and web site designer.
Our company has called upon the services of Icon Medialab and Philippe back was on the team that set up our site that we are more than satisfied with.
The site has recently been refreshed and Philippe Back played an important role to fulfill this task. The outcome was a success.
We therefore pursued the collaboration and it was he who managed and delivered our new Extranet section. It met our expectations and he was and still is available at all time for online help and support.
It was a pleasure to find such professionalism and we enjoy and seek to pursue this collaboration.
Delphine de Kinder
Project Manager in Communications

Great results

Vincent Ghislain
Bruxelles, le 01 décembre 2002

Groupe IT.
ITG Strategy
Application Development Strategy

Concerne : lettre de recommandation suite à la prestation de Philippe Back chez Belgacom.

Madame, Monsieur,
Entre 1996 et 1999 j’ai été en charge de l’infrastructure pour l’automatisation des centres d’appels de Belgacom. Ce projet concernait la mise en place du logiciel EDGE pour la gestion des centres d’appels ainsi que d’une plate-forme de EAI basée sur Tuxedo.
Le but du projet était d’offrir une interface unique pour les opérateurs quel que soit le système « back end » accédé.
Philippe Back a rejoint notre groupe en 1998 et a largement contribué à la mise en place correcte de l’infrastructure de ce projet capital et délicat pour Belgacom.
Il a largement participé au design de l’infrastructure pour obtenir un système fiable pouvant fournir une haute disponibilité. Il a amélioré les processus opérationnels pour la gestion de la plate-forme middleware ainsi que la mise en place d’un système automatique de monitoring. Il a également contribué à l’automatisation du processus de release management.
Il a ensuite évolué vers la gestion d’un team dont l’objectif était de définir les standards pour le développement de fonctions business au sein de la plate-forme tuxedo en vue d’obtenir une meilleure qualité et un plus grand niveau de ré-utilisation. Grâce à cette fonction, il a pu améliorer ses compétences en ce qui concerne la gestion d’équipes, la définition d’une mission pour le team ainsi que la mise en place d’objectifs personnels.
Philippe a enfin évolué vers de la gestion de projet avec la mise en place d’une application Web développée avec le serveur d’applications de Sun : ))NetDynamics((.
Dans toutes ces expériences, Philippe a prouvé sa grande maîtrise technologique, son esprit de synthèse très développé, sa capacité d’apprendre très rapidement une nouvelle technologie ou un nouvel environnement de travail, ainsi que sa capacité à mettre en oeuvre un projet et à le mener à bien.

Il est très méticuleux, précis et très attentif à la qualité du travail qu’il fournit.
Suite à un récent contact avec lui lors d’un projet chez Belgacom, il a également montré ses capacités dans le monde J2EE.
Je ne peux que recommander Philippe pour des fonctions d’architecte système ou software, pour le design d’applications, pour de la gestion de projet voir même pour du développement où des connaissances pointues des nouvelles technologies est nécessaire.
N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous désirez de plus amples informations.
Ir. Vincent Ghislain
Application Development Strategy responsible.
vincent.ghislain at belgacom.be

Putting things back on track

From: Nelson Jorge
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2001 16:50
To: BE All
Subject: Stroeve Bank - the end!
It is my great pleasure to announce that we have successfully concluded this assignment!
As many of you will recall, Stroeve Bank was our first big private sector assignment (over a million Euros), starting back in early 1999. Since then, this very long project has had its ups and downs, several team changes, its share of technical and client problems, last minute bugs, etc.
Last week, in response to a meeting that Gustaf and I had in Amsterdam, Stroeve Bank sent us an official letter in which they said:
“I am pleased to hereby acknowledge the successful completion of the Stroeve On-line project by Icon Medialab Belgium S.A., as well as receipt of all outstanding deliverables”.
And today we have received payment for the last outstanding invoice and I can officially close this project.
While this was NOT an easy assignment by any means, I have surely learned a lot on a personal level and deeply appreciate the support of ALL who have been involved in the project, in particular the last team who, having inherited a not-too-enviable project, was able to turn things around, make a successful delivery and win the client’s trust. Stroeve Bank is indeed happy with the current site and the technical expertise displayed by Philippe Back and his team. As a result, they have asked us to provide support and assistance in the future (any volunteers?).
A proper celebratory event will take place with the team after the summer period (and once I’ve cleared the expense with Gustaf...).
Nelson Jorge
(soon to be ex-) Engagement Manager of the Stroeve Project

See more on http://www.linkedin.com/in/philippeback