Are you struggling taking control of your modeling of systems?

Look no further: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

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When trying to convey concepts, the UML is useful. But how do you get it to work right?

To put the UML to work, one need a tool. This may be just a pen and stack of paper, a whiteboard and felt pens. But this is only going to get you so far.

What about working with teams? Supporting co-sourcing? or outsourcing for that matter?

You need something solid. Something that is providing you with full and fast support when you do the thinking. Yes, do the thinking.You want a tool that can work at the speed of thought and not making you wait.

Don’t want to do that in a cave as a lone analyst?

I perfectly understand that you need an answer to How to get these models shared and acted upon by the team?

That’s why Sparx Enterprise Architect is based upon a true repository. A repository that is meant to be shared. Be it on a shared drive or on a full fledged RDBMS (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, ...), there is full support for it.

And with security capabilities at that. And integrity: no more damned! I’ve lost two hours of work due to the tool crashin.

Hurry, I’ve got to integrate the content of the model in a memo for this afternoon meeting!

Easy game. There is a range of ways to integrate the content of the models into existing documents for that meeting. Or whatever other document by that way. From simple copy/paste to full documentation generation, there is a way. Virtual documents are there to help. You can even document what comes out of a search. Been there, needed that. It’s doable with no fuss.

How to structure the models so that they do have a structure that is adequate for the project?

That’s indeed a challenge that a lot of people do face. Sparx Enterprise Architect is very flexible in that regard.

There are lots of structures that one can use, for example:

  1. organized using views like in the 4+1 views recommended by Philippe Kruchten
  2. organized using perspectives like TOGAF would recommend
  3. organized by project
  4. organized by assets
  5. ...

Basically there is not one single answer. But there is one answer for your specific purpose. First uncovering that purpose before settling on a structure.

If you have any question like the ones above, Sparx Enterprise Architect surely has support for it one way or another.

I can support you full scope with the product

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