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Why the mundane shadows what matters and what to do about it?

By: philippeback  On: Thu 23 of Aug., 2012 09:23 CEST  (1528 Reads)
Success comes when you focus on what matters.

What matters to you that is, as success is relative to your own standards. If you judge success by the way others do look at you, well, you are in for a stressful, externally driven, forever unstatisfying journey. That sells a lot of merchandise, that's what a lot of consumer products are about by the way. Good, we need more consumer spending to support the economy.

Let's forget that. What matters to you may be a cause, a need to achieve, or just about anything that makes you seriously tick. Doesn't matter for what follows.

Disengaging is a key step when switching gears

By: philippeback  On: Tue 29 of May, 2012 22:20 CEST  (1472 Reads)
Projects do have a start and an end. Or they aren't projects. Read about how to proceed next.

Having faith goes a long way - especially when things get rough

By: philippeback  On: Wed 25 of Apr., 2012 12:19 CEST  (1356 Reads)
Faith in yourself that is.

February 2012 - Working backwards is the way to go forward to reach your outcomes

By: philippeback  On: Fri 24 of Feb., 2012 11:04 CET  (1389 Reads)
Most of the time plans are established from a starting point and stack tasks up until everything looks like covered.


A classic example of focusing on tasks instead of on outcomes.

That's also how to make a plan that will for sure not help you make it.

January 2012 - How to identify your top 3 outcomes?

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Sun 22 of Jan., 2012 18:12 CET  (1432 Reads)

December 2011 - To reach your outcomes, you need to be an optimist

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Thu 22 of Dec., 2011 18:17 CET  (1374 Reads)

November 2011 - Getting Luck On Your Side

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Tue 22 of Nov., 2011 18:23 CET  (1527 Reads)

October 2011 - Focus on outcomes, not tasks

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Sat 22 of Oct., 2011 19:27 CEST  (1622 Reads)

September 2011 - How to stay focused on what matters

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Thu 22 of Sep., 2011 19:33 CEST  (1612 Reads)

August 2011 - Getting things in motion and getting results

By:   On: Mon 22 of Aug., 2011 19:37 CEST  (1423 Reads)

June 2011 - Focus is key for achieving. Whatever.

By:   On: Wed 22 of June, 2011 19:40 CEST  (1476 Reads)

May 2011 - How to make innovation real in your organization

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Sun 22 of May, 2011 20:19 CEST  (1393 Reads)

April 2011 - Simplicity: Less is More

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Fri 22 of Apr., 2011 20:28 CEST  (1474 Reads)

March 2011 - Disruptive Change is in the House

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Tue 15 of Mar., 2011 19:33 CET  (1504 Reads)

February 2011 - Reflecting back on 2010 and forth on 2011

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Tue 22 of Feb., 2011 19:38 CET  (1496 Reads)
As we are one month into 2011, it’s time to reflect back on 2010 and see how 2011 will go.

  • What were your achievements in 2010 and how do you intend to leverage them further in 2011?
  • Did you already made progress towards your goals for this year?
  • What is your evidence about that?
  • You have new challenges ahead for sure. Do you give them the proper attention? Have you planned time to deal with them? Do you have an idea on how these challenges will make you grow? How do you intend to raise the bar and invest for maximum leverage?
  • If you have any management position, making sure you focus on the strategic parts of the business and do not get swallowed by operational tasks is of key importance for continued growth.

Now, I want to tackle one pet peeve of mine, which may well be making piles of cash evaporate from your earnings if you have any IT capability present in your business.

November 2010 - What can we learn from hard lessons of life?

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Mon 22 of Nov., 2010 19:48 CET  (1459 Reads)

February 2010 - Gemba time!

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Mon 15 of Feb., 2010 19:52 CET  (1463 Reads)
Or why you won't get very far without a clear strategy if you do intend to make a mark in your market.

January 2010 - One month in the year. What's the status?

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Fri 22 of Jan., 2010 20:03 CET  (1397 Reads)

December 2009 - Time to look in the rear mirror

By: Ir Philippe Back  On: Tue 22 of Dec., 2009 20:05 CET  (1602 Reads)