Case Studies

Stratis Group

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:58 CET - (1582 Reads)
Improved the way of working by helping shaping the technical vision and business processes for a good match for several accounts.

Atos Origin > Trainings

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:57 CET - (1702 Reads)
Software Engineering Practices Trainings.

Metachannel SA

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:48 CET - (1606 Reads)
Intranet and audio/video podcasting solutions.

IBGE (with Imalogic)

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:44 CET - (1630 Reads)
Curtailing delivery time for a data collection application.

Expert-IT > Ogilvy

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:43 CET - (1654 Reads)
Helped in putting a large ailing project back on track.

Steria > SPF Finances

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:41 CET - (1544 Reads)
Improvement of the way of working for the STIR project.

Steria > Registre National

Author: Ir Philippe Back - Published Wed 15 of Feb, 2012 23:39 CET - (1698 Reads)
Improvement of the way of working for the Belgian ID card integration team

Steria > European Commission Project

Author: System Administrator - Published Wed 24 of Nov, 2010 16:03 CET - (1849 Reads)
Improvement of the way of working and curtailing delivery time for a large software project.

Valtech > European Commission (various DGs)

Improved the way of working and the specification authoring performance by:

  • Identifying specific requirements for the teams that were going to perform system modelling
  • Successfully crafting and delivering a custom made course on how to do system modelling and using Sparx Enterprise Architect

Tools: Sparx Enterprise Architect

Orsys France > Tomcat Administration Course

Made clear the ways to leverage the ))Open-Source(( Tomcat server for real-life production grade deployments resulting in large savings in application server costs for several attendees.

Keywords & Tools: Tomcat 5.5, JMeter, load balancers, LDAP, Sun One Directory Server, Clustering, JDBC Clustering, ))MySql((, HTTPS, Authorization and Authentication, Certificates, TCP/IP, Web applications, Valves, High Availability, Windows, Linux…

Orsys France > Object Oriented Analysis and Design Courses

Helped shifting the paradigm of numerous people to Object Oriented thinking in a successful way.

Tools: Rational Rose

Orsys France > Web development with Java

Helped trainees to acquire the basics for developing web apps with Java.

Tools & Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Taglibs, XML, XSD, DOM, Tomcat, ))MySQL((, SSL, JEE

Orsys > Calataÿ & Wouters

Improved way of working and associated performance by:

  • Conducting several trainings on how to put the UML in practice
  • Conducting several trainings on how to use Sparx EA tools

Tools & Technologies: UML, Sparx Enterprise Architect

STIME > Web Platform review and benchmarking

STIME is the IT branch of Groupe Intermarché.
Curtained the delivery time by:

  • Providing solid advice on the customer platform shortcomings and proposing new ways.
  • Implemented the new ways successfully and replacing the old ways.
  • Benchmarking against the old platform and achieving a factor of improvement in speed and scalability of a minimum of 5 to 10 times.

Tools & Technologies Used: UML, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Java, SimpleORM, Tomcat, Websphere, JSP

Trionis > Web Site

Delivered the trionis.com under very short deadlines.

Tools & Technologies: ))TikiWiki(( Open Source CMS, PHP, MySQL, Apache

European Savings Banks Group > Membership directory web site

Delivered the membership directory website in close coordination with the communication & marketing department.
Leveraged heavy up front prototyping for the site, allowing the business side of the equation to have a very significant share in the process.

Tools & Technologies: FLiP, Fusebox, ASP.NET, Flash, Access

Eufiserv > Website / Intranet / Newsletter / Forums

Delivered various internet-based systems to help with communication.

Tools & Technologies: ASP, Access, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, Newsletter Ease

MAT > Technical Interfaces Programming

Curtained delivery time by developing interfaces to industrial weighing devices for weighing trucks.

Tools & Technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio, COM components developed in Visual C++, ATL

Netika > Methodology training and consulting

  • Helped the client leverage object oriented approaches in their work.
  • Helped the client think about his new product line with an improved formalism.
  • Helped the client model his new systems with the UML.

Tools & Technologies Used: Sparx Enterprise Architect, Oracle, UML

Former Employer > Belgacom

  • Helped in shaping the access to all backend systems in an integrated fashion, significantly driving the integration costs down.
  • Helped in improving the availability of a lot of applications through measurement of problems and root cause finding.
  • Helped in aligning teams by defining and implementing common ways of working, shared team missions, causing the software engineering maturity to move up significantly.
  • Helped in making the company leverage the emerging Java technology by deploying the NetDynamics platform in an operational setup.

IconMedialab > Stroeve Bank - Online Project

Managed to turn around a potential dismal disaster into a successful delivery by :

  • putting in place an agile development process
  • automating the build and release process
  • making the quality of the software better by order of magniture by using sound architectural practices
  • making the same team work nicely together
  • putting testing procedures in place

IconMedialab > NATO NIDS CMS Study

Helped the NATO NIDS make its choice of CMS based on their requirements by:

  • delivering a comparative study of the leading CMSes of the time
  • defined all content items and their relationships in a content model, based on the specific requirements of NATO
  • prototyped the user interface experience as part of the HCI group
  • running series of workshops with the client to share the vision
  • examined the performance requirements in order to propose a technical architecture

Tools & Technolgies Used: Mediasurface, Documentum, Vignette and other CMSes, PHP, Sitellite, UML, Sparx Enterprise Architect

Former Employer > Digiline

  • Designed, implemented and deployed the next generation interactive voice response systems sold by the company.
  • Led the technical team and implemented Object Oriented approaches in order to rationalize the development methods, cutting the development time of solutions by at least a factor of 10.
  • Delivered voice-mail systems based on the technology.
  • Delivered over the phone games based on the technology.
  • Delivered phone banking IVR systems based on the technologies for La Poste, Banque Generale du Luxembourg and others.
  • Delivered a large installation of the technology for Ring Ring Company, a leading IVR provider in Belgium (systems that were delivered in 1993 ran in production until 2000).
  • Delivered one of the first CTI-enabled platform for Skynet, including document fax back, custom headset hardware, presence registration and planning.

Tools & Technologies Used: Symantec C++, Multi-C threading library, full family of Dialogic and Gammafax cards. Performed integrations with leased lines for voice multiplexing, integration with client backend systems (mainframes, AS/400s, ...), TCP/IP stack, soldering iron and some electronics.

Formed Employer > Digipass | Vasco Data Security

  • Helped customers implement the Digipass technology.
  • Helped in knowledge transfer to Vasco Data Security USA.
  • Helped in visualizing new products by prototyping them in software.

Tools & Technologies Used : C, Visual Basic, DES, RSA, Digipass cryptography