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7 Coaching and Training.pdf Coaching, Training, and Blended Interventions Maximizing your Coaching and Training
Why you need both when it comes to
improving your way of working
48.77 KB Wed 14 of Oct, 2009 admin
73 Doesyourbusinessemphasisehowyouhelpthecustomerordoesitfocusonthetechnicalskillsy Does your business emphasise how you help the customer, or does it focus on the technical skills you have? Most clients, business people and ROI-minded individuals and firms are just not interested in
how clever you are or how you will achieve the above results. They want to know how YOU can
help them.
So, how do we do this?
133.44 KB Thu 29 of Sep, 2011 admin
174 Getting_Results.pdf Getting Results: Mindmap and Key Advice Assess the key areas mentioned in order to achieve results. 219.69 KB Thu 01 of Mar, 2012 philippeback
4 Blackholes.pdf Gravitation, Accretion and Blackholes Some IT projects do consume resources and budget like there is no end in sight. Read about the similarities these do share with blackholes. 22.51 KB Thu 16 of Apr, 2009 admin
41 Instill the dynamics of quality into you coaching community - full.pdf Instill the dynamics of quality into your coaching community with groupware To develop a quality-first mindset inside an organization, it is of utmost importance to develop a coaching community to carry the message and walk the talk.
The coaching community needs a way to manifest its presence inside the organizationto and a groupware solution forms a powerful way to do so.
67.68 KB Sat 19 of Jun, 2010 admin
36 Is_your_way_of_working_driving_you_crazy_.pdf Is your way of working driving you crazy? Some insights into what works and the future.
A Q&A session with Ir Philippe Back
74.14 KB Wed 16 of Dec, 2009 admin
72 IWOW-Feb2011-ITArchitectOrSorcerersApprentice.pdf IT Architect or Sorcerer's Apprentice? I came across a lot of businesses and organizations and one thing strikes me at times: how on Earth is it possible to have so many people keeping themselves busy on matters that they do not have a clue about? And not contributing any progress? Ivory towers, wishful thinking, planning forever instead of executing, all of these make me wish for a huge broom to clean the floor. And it is nowhere as key as when I come across so-called IT Architects. True IT-Architects are a fine bunch. But sorting the cream from the crop is a must do since they have such an important effect on enabling business to thrive through the use of technology. 189.49 KB Wed 02 of Feb, 2011 philippeback
19 IT_Organisation_OverallFrameworkForDevelopment.pdf IT Organisation, a development framework This document presents an organizational structure to be used within the company for performing the timely making and delivery of systems created for our customer's use. 48.06 KB Tue 13 of Oct, 2009 admin
135 TEA.PDF L'économie de l'attention Visuel du talk sur l'économie de l'attention. 57.61 KB Sun 26 of Feb, 2012 philippeback
5 BrownianMotion.pdf Obliterating brownian motion to improve results How to turn unfocused energy into powerful laser beams
103.44 KB Sat 23 of May, 2009 admin
6 Presenting solutions supporting business.pdf Presenting solutions supporting business There is always a challenge when it comes to convey the benefits of technical solutions to the business people. This article provides tips on how to movetrough the gap between the worlds of technology and business. 24.96 KB Tue 06 of Oct, 2009 admin
1 HOS-Whitepaper-SeparateProblemAndSolution.pdf Separating the Problem and the Solution Putting the cart before the horse may not be the best idea. Read about our point of view. 64.42 KB Mon 16 of Feb, 2009 admin
3 the mobile kit.pdf The Mobile Kit As a consultant, I am moving around quite often. Here is what I learned when it comes to having a usable IT toolkit when on the move. 46.19 KB Tue 14 of Apr, 2009 admin
39 Philippe Back Twitter Booklet 1.pdf Twitter Booklet #1 All of my interesting tweets until April 2010 44.17 KB Sat 01 of May, 2010 admin
42 HOS-WhatIsAContentManagementSystem-A03.pdf What is a content management system? The core goal of a CM tool is to provide a way to manage, organize and automate the entire content management process, from content creation to content delivery on multiple channels and devices to meet the needs for high-quality, fresh and relevant content for all intended target groups.

explains what content management is and outlines several criteria to use to pick a Content Management (CM) solution which is appropriate for YOUR ORGANIZATION.
300.53 KB Wed 08 of Sep, 2010 admin
2 IT Archaeology.pdf Whitepaper - IT Archaeology There are lots of architects around but I do think that we are in dire need of IT archaeologists. This paper gives some clues about that. 56.58 KB Wed 01 of Apr, 2009 admin