About Philippe Back

Philippe Back is a pragmatic consultant, an effective teacher, a proven IT expert and a catalyst for change.

He will help you hit the top 3 outcomes you really want to achieve.

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As a side note, he can architect, design, implement and roll-out production grade systems in several languages and platforms. This fact alone let him have rapid credibility with developer teams that have most of the time become cynical about new approaches.
His consulting firm, High Octane SPRL, has attracted clients such as Steria, Atos Origin, Computer Sciences Corporation, Trionis, IconMedialab, the European Commission, Electrabel, Orsys, Valtech, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Netika, Touring, and over 20 other leading organizations.

To date he has trained hundreds of persons in envisioning, shaping, designing, implementing and rolling out workable information systems leveraging a healthy mix of proven and leading edge technologies.

He is currently involved in two startups active in the sector of interactive on-line media marketing, applying what he preaches.

His career has taken him to 10 countries, including the USA and Sweden.

Convinced that today, technology is not an issue anymore and that the main hurdle is people-centric, namely moving away from compliance and toward commitment, Philippe helps clients improve their performance in that domain.

Understanding and practicing both the business side and the technical side of the equation, he is uniquely positioned to help in improving the way of working of his clients.

Philippe is based in Belgium and works both nationally and internationally.

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